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About Vox

Libertas VOX is a next-generation DeFi podcast, music and audio content streaming platform that offers features like content perpetuity and efficient propagation throughout the user-base. VOX also features technologies that detect and flag duplicate content ensuring their propagation on the platform stays clean. DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) attacks on these servers are extremely difficult owing to content-signing and content-addressing protocols. The platform continues to deliver high performance consistently due to such measures. VOX allows more users to discover more content they like by establishing multiple entry points they can explore. That's not all. Libertas tokens can be used to tip artists on the platform, contribute to a staking pool for a share in the revenue, or allocated to push your favourite content to the front page.
Libertas leverages decentralization to prevent payments from being blocked by payment processors due to differing views on today’s political and social landscape. With every fan donation to content creators, 90%of the transaction goes to the content creators, the remaining 10% is split as follows; 1% is burnt forever thus reducing the overall supply, 4.5% is split proportionally between holders, and 4.5% is added to the developer fund to ensure continued innovation, development and maintenance of the system. Diversify your income and let it grow with the platform. On VOX, simply log in with Metamask privately and securely to get started.
The Libertas token is not just for holding and receiving commission. Through gamification we intend to engage the community with various mechanics which enable you to show support for your favourite content creators. One of these mechanics is the ‘Liberate functionality’. By allocating your balance to different creators, channels or shows, you can increase their exposure organically - not algorithmically (no tokens spent). Premium content, pay-per-stream, subscriptions, premium NFTs will be managed through tokens, via cryptographically secured access keys. Tokens also give the community a way to communicate requests to us via community governance.
Every transaction conducted within the Libertas ecosystem is subject to a token burn. Over time the circulating supply of the tokens will be reduced. This mechanism ensures that every participant in the ecosystem is rewarded equally. Additionally, users will be able to burn tokens to receive perks, NFTs and additional premium functionalities.
The right to express opinions without fear of criminal prosecution is an ideal that can be traced as far back as ancient Greece, the land of the fathers of democratic ideals. We have built a platform dedicated to decentralising the spoken word, to allow freedom of speech to continue unhindered, to help those who have lost their voice reclaim it, to stop censorship from becoming a way of life. Anyone (big or small) is able to upload their podcasts and they cannot be taken down due to the immutable nature of our architecture. Anyone from any country, including countries where freedom of speech is not protected and is not recognised as a right, is now able to have their voice heard across the globe, no more censorship.


Token Details

Token name: LIBERTAS
Type: ERC20
Supply: 100 Million
Code: Link

Supply Breakdown

5% is allocated to Marketing, ensuring we can promote our mission
7% is available through the Uniswap Pool in the form of liquidity
10% is allocated to the Team for HCM (Human Capital Management)
26% is reserved for CEXs, on-boarding of talent, advertising pool for the network, incentives and more
54% is currently held by the Community
This brings the grand total allocated to the Community in various forms to 85%

Libertas Token Utility

Platform Token

The Libertas token is used as a standard medium of exchange within the Libertas ecosystem for all transactions.

Tipping for content creators

Content creators receive 90% of all tips sent in Libertas tokens, a much better balance compared to other platforms which take upward of ~45%.


Stake your Libertas tokens and earn 4.5% of every tip sent through the Libertas eco-system. Later on in development you will also receive portions of market sales and other revenue generated via the Libertas platform.

Liberation functionality

The Libertas token is used by the community to ‘liberate’ content they like. Tokens can be allocated to content they want to see trending (no tokens are spent), ensuring organic trends on the platform and giving the community the power to control what they see.

Restriction Removal & DDoS protection

Holding Libertas tokens in your wallet will by-pass the 24 hour upload limit whilst also safe guarding the Libertas eco-system from bad actors attempting to spam the platform with white-noise and similar attacks.

Community governance

Use your Libertas tokens as voting power to help steer the direction of the project or to vote on proposals, competitions and more.

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